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History of  ADIMURAI
The Mother of Martial Arts.
ADIMURAI is one of the finest martial arts ever known to mankind. The knowledge of the art is known to a very more families in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu and South Trivancore of Kerala. (Southern Travancore region which consists of Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu)and Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) districts of Kerala) and North Sri lanka. The art was taught only to the blood relations and not for outsiders.     Travancore Kingdom  (Established - 16th Century --- Disestablished - 1947)

The origin of the art dates back to the origin of the civilization. The art was found by one of the great Siddhars called Agasthiar, who lived in the hills of southern India.
ADIMURAI is popularly called as Varmakkalai, AdiMurai, KuthuVarisai, Kusthi, Beemanmurai and Nadan. The original literatures were written in palm leaves. Most of them were sold to foreigners for monitory gain and rest is lost due to flood, rain and other natural calamities. What we have today is only a part of the literature.
The martial arts form of ADIMURAI is more of bare hand attacks and defense. The art is self-defense oriented. All attacks, kicks and locks are concentrated towards the vital Varma points. The ADIMURAI is the only martial art that teaches the Varmam or the point of secrets.
To learn this art, one requires truthfulness, sound mind, thirst of knowledge and dedication.
It will take minimum 12 long years to learn to expertise in this art.
Types of  ADIMURAI
The Southern (Thekkan) Adithada, TamilNadu and Kerala are the different styles ofADIMURAI in practice. All these styles are known for its uniqueness.
Adithada is the only martial art that teaches the Varmam in detail. Adimurai -Varma system is the traditional Siddha system of Varmam. Adimurai developed a concept of Amrithanila (nectar placement). This concept explains the effectiveness of attack on Varmam depends on the lunar movement. The most effective point changes with the movement of moon starting from toe to head and vice-versa once in fifteen days. Such effective points of each day are known as the Amrithanila.
Aasaan / Guru
Aasaanis the honorary and prestigious title given to the person who is highly skilled in Adithadaii. The Aasan is an expert inAdimurai, Varmam, yoga and Siddha medicines.
Adithadai cannot be learned without an Aasaan. Aasan will study the character and involvement of the students without their knowledge while teaching.
The Art of promise
Before starting class, the Aasaan will take promise from students to use the art for good and not for evil. The students will promise keeping following things in mind.

  • Thai - Mother
  • Thanthai - Father
  • Aasan-Master
  • Deivam - God
Land (Thara) - Practicing place Art- TheAdithadai Four directions - North, South, East and West Panchapootham (Five elements) - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space and One self and following steps are important,

  • Exercise (warm up)
  • Adi (attacks)
  • Thadai (Blocks)
  • Chavitu (kicks)
  • Adavu / Chavedu
  • Adimuarai / Kai por (Partner Attacks and Bloks forms)
  • Pootumpirivum (Locks and escapes)
  • Unarmed combat techniques
  • Erithal (Throws)
  • Kurunthadi / kuruvadi / small stick
  • Kadari / knife
  • Kattakambu / (Medium stick )
  • Kambu / long stick
  • Vettukathi / big knife
  • VaalVeechu (sword)
  • Chirutu Val (spring sword)
  • Thundu / Towel technique
  • Siramam / Sedikuchi ( Short Stick )
  • Kodari / axe
  • Mudhras / Body weapon
  • Varmam( Presser Point )
  • Vaidhiyam(Medicine )
  • Thiyanam (Meditation)
Exercise will help to increase the strength, flexibility and stamina. It also keeps oneself fit. The sequence of exercise starts from toe to head covering all parts of the body and muscles.
Thadai (Blocks)
There are number of blocks to defend armed and unarmed attacks. Practicing Thada will give perfection in defending oneself without fear. The basic concept of Thada is of three types.
·  Blocking the attacks using physical power
·  Avoiding or moving away from attacks (Olivu)
·  Using opponents attack to defend

Chavitu (Kicks)
Chavitu are most commonly known attacks using legs which are very powerful.
Adavu / Chavedu
Adavuis the self defense fighting sequence using bare hands. It is an imaginary fight technique with full contact. All attacks are concentrated on the vital Varma points. It has minimum and fast movements in all directions.
Types of Adavu / Suvadu

  • ThozhudheduppuAdavu
  • Nilayanga (Otta) Suvadu
  • PirivuSuvadu
  • VattaSuvadu
  • Sheena AdimuraiSuvadu
  • RettaSuvadu
  • Edam piri and valampiri
  • ThattuAdavu


ThozhudheduppuAdavu is the first and foremost step in AdiMurai. It is martial arts form of prayer. It has slow and fast movements in four directions which depicts the AdiMurai form of yoga. The steps in the Adavu are cross type (+). It is dedicated to the great Siddhas, Aasan, Art and one self. The student should offer prayer by touching the land, heart and four directions.


Nilayanga (Otha) Suvadu

Otta means one. It has only one leg movement and the other leg remains at one place. Using one step, it can defend and attack the enemies from all directions. It has very fast movements. All attacks are concentrated only on Varma points.
Using Forward and Beck steps and covering all directions one can defend and attack the enemies.
The martial art sequence and the leg movement will go in a round shape with a flow.

Sheena AdimuraiSuvadu

Using two steps and covering all directions one can defend and attack more the Techniques Elbow and Jump Kicks all attacks are concentrated only on Varma points.
Using two steps and covering all directions one can defend and attack the enemies.
Edam piri and valampiri
This martial art sequence will be of + shape, moving forward and back.
The concept of ThattuAdavu is to hit the vital Varma points. All attacks are pointed towards the Varmam.
Kai por
Bare hand unarmed sequence is called Kai Por. It needs two people (Pair) to practice. In Tamil, Kai means hand and Por means fight/war. The pair will learn to use all types of attacks and blocks. Kai Por is the real one to one contact fight.
Pootumpirivum (Locks and escapes)
ThekkanAdiMurai is the only martial arts known for locks. Locks are the techniques using hand or leg grip to put the enemy immobilize by damaging the nervous system. It generates maximum pain and cuts reflex action of the enemy. It can be effectively used for all kinds of armed and unarmed attacks. Some locks are even fatal.
Escaping from the locks is also part of the AdiMurai. There are two or more escaping techniques for each lock.
Unarmed combat techniques
It consists of array of blocks, attacks, kicks, locks and throws using bare hands.
Throws it takes out the balance of the opponent in a fraction of second and makes them fall. Throws can be effectively used in all types of armed and unarmed attacks
Gurunthadi / Kurunthadi / small stick
Guru thadi means small stick. It is one of the best weapons in the history of Martial arts. This martial arts sequence consists of attacks, defends and locks using small stick. It can be used to defend all types of weapon attacks.
All attacks using Kurunthadi points either on Varma points or on the joints. The attack in the Varma points and Joints will completely handicap the enemy.
Kadari / knife
Kadari means small knife. The sequence will train to defend armed knife attacks, lock, to take out the knife from the enemy and throw.
Siramam  -  Dry Sticks Style:
In this style we have

  • Single Stick style
  • Double Stick style

Siramam is one of the best weapons in the history of martial arts. The weapon derived from the shepherds. In olden days the shepherds hold 2 .5 Feet length stick to protect animals from wild animals and also to direct the animal during grassing.
Siramamcan be used to attack and defend the armed and unarmed attacks from the enemy.
In this style one has to do Single Dry Stick style and another one with double Dry Stick Style. Then both have to use double Dry Sticks style. This style is done with Dry sticks in Varmam style and protecting and defending each other with different Silambam Dry Stick styles.

Kambu / long stick

The techniques are same as of Silambattam. In real case the Kambu can defend attacks from group. It can even stop stone throw from distance. The length of the stick depends on the person using it. The length should be of their temple from toe.
Vettukathi / big knife
It is one of the deadly weapons in AdiMurai. It is widely used in Kanyakumari district for cutting trees and woods.
Vaal Veechu (sword)
Sword fight is used to fight with the enemies during king regime. To follow the tradition, AdiMurai still practices the art.
Chirutu Val (spring sword)
Spring sword is one of the deadliest weapons. It can be used to defend oneself from huge crowd. There are single or multiple blade. Both sides of the blades are sharp enough to chop the parts of body.
Thundu / Towel technique
In addition to the metal and wood weapons, a piece of cloth (towel) is also used as weapon. It can used to block, lock and throw the opponent.
Kodari / axe
Kodari is used to chop the wood and trees. The Kodari is very handy weapon to use.
Mudhras / Body weapon
Mudhras are the formation of hand/leg positions as weapons and used to hit the vital Varma points.
Varmam is called as the point of secrets. There are 108 places in the body which is highly dangerous. Either a finger push or a gentle touch in these places can paralyze or even cause death to a person. These vulnerable places can be used to heal or harm.
The qualified Aasan can read the naadi (pulse) in the hand and diagnose the disease. The body consists of Vadham, Pitham and Slatmum. The imbalance or the domination of any of these will cause disease. The imbalance or the domination can be detected by reading the naadi.
AdiMurai follows Siddha medicine. Roots, flowers, seeds, leaves, bark, grass, trunk and other natural herbs will be used to prepare oil and medicine. The Siddha medicine does not have any side effects.
AdiMurai yoga
AdiMurai yoga gives flexibility to the body. It connects the physical and mental body.
The meditation gives mental fitness which is most important for the over all fitness.
VaramaAdimurai is the only martial art that gives over all fitness to the body and mind.

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